Intercultural Weddings

„There is no typical wedding because each wedding is as vibrant and colorful as the world in which we live - and marry.“



In addition to traditional wedding planning, I have specialized in planning intercultural weddings because multicultural weddings are no longer a rarity. Different cultures are a part of me as well: born and raised in Germany, as (grand)child of former Yugoslav guest workers, I speak five languages (English, French, Bosnian, Macedonian and Turkish). This allows me to empathize well with other cultures. My personal experiences, both in planning my own wedding and within my social circle, sparked the desire in me to assist other intercultural couples during this special occasion.


Different cultures and traditions make weddings even more beautiful, giving them a unique character. They are like the seasoning in a dish. However, intercultural couples also face special challenges in wedding planning: they want to celebrate a modern wedding with family and friends that still provides ample space for their own cultural roots and traditions.. 


Yo valide atmend-conscious wedding celebration that you can design individually while considering your cultural roots? With my advice and tips as a wedding planner and expert n multicultural weddings, I support you in planning a wedding celebration that reflects your personality.


Tell me your personal story and I will create a wedding celebration for you that both your guests an, of course, you will joyfully remember for a lifetime!